10 Amazing Toy Deals to Expect for Black Friday 2023

10 Amazing Toy Deals to Expect for Black Friday 2023

Toys and games are an integral aspect of a growing child’s life and an entertainment source for adults. They help develop children’s intellect, communication, and social skills and provide adults with much-needed respite and mental stimulation. Black Friday is a time when one can check out different types of games to their heart’s content, as most of them have lucrative discounts. So, here are some toy and game deals to expect on Black Friday 2023:

Building blocks
There is a reason why most kindergarten schools have building blocks in their playrooms. Playing building blocks helps develop children’s hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, reasoning ability, problem solving, and creativity. Here are some deals one can expect on popular building blocks this Black Friday:

1. PicassoTiles
PicassoTiles offers building blocks that are designed to foster spatial awareness, motor skills, and cognitive development among children. These building blocks are available in several sizes, from compact 13-piece sets to elaborate 200-piece ones. Amazon offered up to 65% off on PicassoTiles building blocks last Black Friday, increasing shoppers’ expectations of discounted prices on these products this time around too.

The building-block sets by this eponymous Danish brand need no introduction. LEGO blocks are available in various types, typically cutting across age barriers. Black Friday is the perfect time to buy these fascinating block sets at highly competitive prices. For example, LEGO Star Wars sets were offered at up to 42% discounts last year on Amazon, while the Lego’s Jurassic World Dominion set, suitable for children, was offered at 20% off.

3. Melissa and Doug
Regarded as a leading brand for wooden preschool toys, Melissa and Doug offers an incredibly vast selection of wooden building blocks that are sure to transport toddlers to a fascinating world of fantasy and challenge. Kohl offered 25% off on select Melissa and Doug toys on Black Friday 2022. Some of their classic play sets were also available at discounted prices on Amazon. For example, the brand’s Top & Bake Wooden Pizza Counter Play set was available at flat 31% off on Amazon last year. In addition, the website organizes its own Black Friday sales on its website, offering a sitewide 30% off on its products. Thus, one can expect significant discounts on Melissa and Doug’s building-block sets and similar toys during Black Friday 2023.

Board games
Board games are typically introduced in one’s formative years in the form of Clue, Catan, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, etc., to help develop children’s motor skills, arithmetic skills, and shape, color, pattern, and word recognition. More advanced board games are available for older children and adults, fostering social skills and enhancing logic, memory, and reasoning. Here are some board games for children and adults that one can expect to bag at discounted rates during Black Friday 2023:

4. Qwirkle
Although this game is ostensibly basic, it entails several cognitive benefits, not only for children but also adults and seniors. The game involves taking turns to arrange tiles in a line, such that it comprises six tiles, either of the same color but different shapes or of the same shape but different colors. The player who places the sixth such tile to complete a row of tiles of the same color or shape wins six extra points for achieving a Qwirkle. Last year, Kohls and Target offered up to 50% off on board games and puzzles. Thus, Qwirkle, a popular board game on these sites, may be available on sale this Black Friday.

5. Catan
This is easily one of the best board games to encourage social interaction and healthy competition. Catan players are “settlers on the Catan island,” competing against each other to establish a civilization before the others. Although originally priced at $49, the board game was available at $19 off on Black Friday 2022 and will likely be offered on sale once again this shopping season.

6. Exploding Kittens
This game entails regular and “exploding kitten” cards. Players take turns to pick cards from the deck until a player pulls out an “exploding kitten” card. This player is eliminated from the game, which continues until only one player, the winner, is left in the game. Exploding Kittens is popular among children and was offered at a whopping 50% off on Target last year.

7. Mysterium
This game may be played between as few as two players or as many as seven. Here, one of the players plays the ghost, while the rest assume the roles of “psychics.” The ghost and the psychics unite to act upon their intuitions and guesses to solve a murder mystery. This edge-of-the-seat board game was available at 30% off on Amazon last Black Friday; therefore, shoppers may look forward to deals on this product even this year.

Dolls and dollhouses
Dolls and dollhouses are perhaps the first opportunities for pretend play for many people. Building and maintaining a home is a significant responsibility that is effectively fostered among children through dollhouses during their formative years. Here are some Black Friday 2023 doll and dollhouse deals to look forward to:

8. Rainbow House
This brand’s dolls and dollhouses come in various sizes and types and are immensely popular for their aesthetic appeal. Rainbow House dollhouses were offered at 53% off on Black Friday 2022.

9. L.O.L Surprise!
L.O.L Surprise!’s dolls entail “magic” elements that are sure to leave children in awe. The brand’s products were available at 39% off at Walmart last shopping season and are likely to go on sale this year as well.

10. Disney Princess
Often, children cannot seem to get enough of the fascinating world of Disney princesses, and Disney Princess dolls and dollhouses help kindle their imagination further. Available at 34% off on Walmart last year, these dolls and dollhouses may go on sale for Black Friday 2023.