10 Black Friday home security deals to expect in 2022

10 Black Friday home security deals to expect in 2022

Home security is a tricky but important aspect of owning a house. This is why, it is advised to get a proper home security kit, especially if you are living with family, kids, or older people, and need some extra security to keep everyone safe. Therefore, here are some of the popular home security companies that are expected to give out Black Friday deals during the shopping season. Let’s take a look.

This is a great DIY home installation security camera. You get a touch screen panel which is the hub for connecting all sensors and cameras. The kit also includes Burglary and Intrusion Sensors which detect any door, window, motion, and glass breaks and inform the house owner immediately. You can also install Environmental Sensors to detect fire, carbon monoxide, indoor leaks, floods, or even smoke. They currently have a fall sale going on giving 60% off equipment, although you can expect similar or better Black Friday deals.

They have several product options under home security which include a security camera, video doorbell, floodlight camera, alarm system kit, smart lock, smart box, and some options like accessories, protection plan, secure web portal, and even a DIY system. Their SoloCam S40 is one of their best sellers and it is priced at $399.98 but you can avail of a $100 discount using the code WS24BUS40. You can expect similar deals for Black Friday.

They have home security system kits, wireless alarm packages, and also accessories to add to the home security system. They have products like the S03 WiFi Security System, S6 Titan 3G/4G WiFi Security System, Camera System, Stand Alone Security Systems, Legacy System Accessories, and other parts. Check for some discounts around Black Friday or look at e-commerce stores to get any discounts.

They currently have a flash sale and you can get up to 50% off on their products. If you are a new customer, you can even get an additional 15% off on accessories. One of their best sellers Abode Cam 2 is priced at $30 after 51% off. So, expect some Black Friday deals this time too.

If you are a new customer, get 30% off the installation of 2 outdoor Google Nest cameras along with the Nest Hub second generation. They are professionally installed cameras so rest assured they are installed properly. Expect Black Friday deals on the website or online sites which may sell the product.

Alder Security
You can get 50% off outdoor cameras and 24/7 professional monitoring and control anywhere by using the home security system app on your smartphone. Currently, they do not have any offers available, however, come back around the shopping season sale and get Black Friday deals.

They are a DIY home security camera company and they currently have a 30% off sale on all the products available on their site. You can get different plans like Starter Pack, Home Shield, Family Lookout, or even Build Your system. They are priced at $99, $269, and $349 respectively, and the customized system is priced based on the products added. Look out for shopping deals around Black Friday.

Link Interactive
They have several options available under the Home Security Cameras category and have features like video analytics, 24/7 recording, and monitoring which can be done using your smartphone or tablet or even your laptop or computer. Check for Black Friday deals closer to the sale season.

Night Owl
They currently have a couple of offers available on their website for a few home security camera products like the Refurbished 1080p HD Smart Video Doorbell with Mounts. It is now available for a discounted price of $50. You can expect similar Black Friday deals during the sale season.

Ring Alarm
These systems have built-in wifi and 24/7 backup internet to provide you with the most reliable security system possible. They have video doorbells, security cameras, security systems, accessories, and even smart lighting. Look out for Black Friday deals closer to the sale season.