10 things to avoid as a tourist in Turkey

10 things to avoid as a tourist in Turkey

A popular idiom goes as such: When in Rome, do as the Romans Do. This means it is advisable to follow the local customs and traditions of the place you are visiting. Doing so allows you to enjoy the country and show the local populace that you respect their culture. If you’re planning a trip to Turkey anytime soon, here are some of the things that you must avoid doing:

Wear shoes in places of worship
There are many popular places of worship in Turkey. For example, if you are visiting Turkey for the first time and plan to stop by any of the mosques, you may want to take off your shoes when outside when entering.

Block a person’s view when they’re praying
Many individuals in Turkey will pray five times a day per their faith. Do not obscure an individual’s view when they are praying. According to customs, the person’s prayers are believed to become void, and they would have to start all over again.

Visit restaurants around the popular locations
Tourist spots may have many restaurants offering various local and international dishes. But, try to steer clear of these places since they might have increased rates due to the location.

Boarding a car with no taxi logo
Another thing to avoid is one of the local cabs and taxis. This is because the local drivers may take you via the longer route or even mess with their meters to charge an exorbitant fee. Instead, opt for a cab from a reputed company.

Travel during the peak hours of the day
Traveling across the city during peak hours could mean that you would have to spend a chunk of your time stuck in traffic. Plan your trip better and try to avoid office-goers and school rushes.

Dress casually when visiting a place of worship
When visiting places of worship and even while exploring the city, it is vital to stick to more conservative clothing. You can ask your guide about what might be too revealing or unacceptable beforehand.

Visit only the tourist locales
Visiting only the popular locations does not allow you to truly enjoy the country. You might have to travel to less-frequented parts of popular cities to truly learn about its food, its culture, and more. So ensure you have a knowledgeable guide with you when you do so.

Shop at malls
When it Turkey, you may also want to steer clear of the malls. There’s no fun in visiting all the stores and outlets you could visit back home. Instead, visit the local markets and check out and explore the artisanal wares to make the most of your trip.

Shop for items without haggling
If you’re shopping at the local market, take note that the prices that are quoted at the beginning are never fixed prices. A little haggling can go a long way in helping you stay within budget.

Disrespect religious or cultural views
Certain times of the year are very important and religiously significant for Turkish people. Fasting is one of the common ways to express devotion on religious days, and they are several other traditions and customs that may seem new to you. It is important not to be dismissive of these or react to them poorly.

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