20 Black Friday Tech Deals to Expect in 2023

20 Black Friday Tech Deals to Expect in 2023

Today, people look for opportunities to get new gadgets. Inevitably, smartphones, smartwatches, home appliances, TV sets, gaming consoles, and smart home devices are some of the top-selling products throughout the year. Now, imagine making it even more affordable to buy electronics; this is what happens every year on Black Friday when one can expect great offers on tech products. So, here are 20 popular product categories likely to carry discounts on Black Friday 2023:

Bluetooth speakers
Portable Bluetooth speakers offer an incredible listening experience and convenience for those who love listening to music wherever they are. These compact devices can make every road trip or pool party memorable. Previously, during shopping season sales, retailers offered deals of up to $150 off on Bluetooth speakers. So, this Black Friday, too, one can keep an eye out for such discounts.

Gaming consoles
High-end gaming consoles are generally expensive, which is why gamers wait eagerly for November every year to get them at extremely low prices. Top gaming consoles are expected to carry discounts of about $100 if previous Black Friday sales are any indication.

Smartwatches combine the features of smartphones, health trackers, and wristwatches. This makes them compelling gadgets to consider buying during the festive seasons. Smartwatches come with an incredible array of features, including swim-proof bodies, real-time compasses, calling and messaging capabilities, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and GPS. As per previous Black Friday trends, buyers are likely to get discounts of up to $80 on smartwatches.

Shoppers can get powerful, premium laptops this Black Friday at discounted prices. The discounts can go up to $500 as per last year’s deals. The popular laptops on sale usually offer great features, such as LED displays, a RAM of about 16 GB (or more), and powerful graphics cards.

Tablets today typically come with top-notch features such as powerful processors for optimal performance, large RAM, ultra-thin designs, and excellent video streaming capabilities. Discounts on tablets have previously gone up to $150 or more, making it worthwhile to check out deals on tablets this year.

Many tend to upgrade from their current smartphone to a new one on Black Friday. New smartphones can often mean bigger, better processors for smoother performance, a newer version of the operating system, and exciting new features. Smartphones have earlier carried discounts of as much as $250, so one can keep an eye out for deals on phones this year as well.

Smart speakers
These are not just wireless audio players but also incredible personal assistants. This festive season, one can expect discounts of up to $30 on smart speakers. These feature-rich devices can do a bit of everything, play music, control other smart home devices, read the latest news, create personalized schedules, and answer the user’s questions by finding information online. The devices can perform these tasks through voice commands.

Full HD HDR projectors tend to be expensive; however, they have often carried massive discounts worth about $200 on Black Friday. So this year, too, they might be worth considering.

Video doorbells
Home security is often a key concern. Here, video doorbells offer a greater sense of control and vigilance against intruders, strengthening safety at home. These devices often carry a $15 discount during the holiday season.

Virtual reality headsets
VR headsets aid gamers by creating an immersive gaming experience. While VR equipment can be pretty expensive, last Black Friday, the discounts on these devices were around $120.

Like laptops and smartphones, printers also see huge discounts of up to $90 during Black Friday every year. At such reasonable prices, one can make the most of a printer to help with all photocopying and scanning needs at home or the workplace.

Professional-grade cameras are designed to offer key features that make them easy to set up to capture beautiful and cinematic images. Camera prices tend to drop by about $100 during shopping events such as Black Friday.

Robotic vacuum cleaners
These appliances offer efficiency and hands-free convenience, helping users maintain a clean home or workspace. Based on previous shopping season sales, top brands may offer $180 on vacuum cleaners.

Wi-Fi essentials
Black Friday also acts as a good opportunity to get discounts on Wi-Fi routers and other broadband-related components. Deals worth $70 can be expected on all Wi-Fi essentials on Black Friday.

Wireless scanners are known for their wide range of capabilities. One is likely to get discounts of up to 7% on such devices.

Health tracking wearables
These fitness tracking devices help users keep an eye on their calories, daily steps, and workout routines. They can expect discounts of about $50 this Black Friday on these trackers.

Massage guns
Massage guns can be perfect gifts for loved ones or a great relaxation device for one. Based on past trends, one can get popular massage guns at a $100 discount.

4K TVs
With larger-than-life picture and sound quality, 4K TVs truly revolutionize the way one consumes visual entertainment. The prices for these devices are likely to drop by $100 this Black Friday.

Desktop computers
Desktop computers may not be as popular as laptops at the moment, but many still prefer them for the high power and efficiency they offer. Desktops have previously carried discounts of $120 or more, depending on the type and brand of computer.

These tiny wireless earphones are extremely portable and convenient devices, especially for audiophiles. Like last year, Earbuds are likely to fetch discounts worth $10–$50 this Black Friday.