3 Highlights magazines to help your kid learn the smart way

3 Highlights magazines to help your kid learn the smart way

It is important for children of all ages to learn something productive so that their growth is progressive. Magazines can play a key role in this process. Descriptive and colorful magazines for children can help them learn various daily life lessons. These can also facilitate learning at school. So, if you’re looking to educate your child through some magazines, here are some Highlights magazines subscriptions.

Hello Magazine
Best for toddlers aged 0-2, Hello Magazine is best for educating your kids about different themes around them like sounds, foods, farm animals, and much more. This can help them get a sense of the world around them, making them aware at an early age. The magazine is filled with colorful images of animals and the sounds they make. It also contains read-aloud stories and poems that will make your toddler giggle and laugh, while helping them learn. One year subscription (12 issues) of the magazine costs around $39, a two-year subscription (24 issues) costs around $60, and a three year subscription offers more than 50% discount, priced at around $82.

High Five
If your kid is between two to six years old, then this Highlights magazine subscription will certainly help them with their growth. The High Five Magazine is ideal for kindergartners and preschoolers as it encourages their curiosity with the world around them. The magazine contains simple puzzles and quizzes, which makes learning fun for kids. For instance, the magazine contains hidden pictures to develop their visual acuity. The matching games can help them boost their memory, and easy recipes and crafts can help develop their self-confidence. The subscription cost of the magazine is the same as that for Hello Magazine. The High Five Bilingüe Magazine is the same magazine but in Spanish. This can help form an early foundation for your kids’ multilingual proficiency. As an addition, the magazine also contains read-along stories, poems, and puzzles.

Highlights Magazine
This magazine will intrigue the explorer in your six- to 12-year-old kid. Created in 1946, Highlights is one of the oldest running magazines. As a result, the magazine has evolved with times in terms of puzzles, games, science experiments, stories, riddles, crafts, and other educational projects. Apart from brain teasers like hidden pictures and matching games, the Highlights Magazine teaches children about cultural diversity by including stories from different countries and regions. It also contains fascinating science and nature topics that can help them develop their IQ at an early age.