3 super-cheap cell phone plans to switch to

3 super-cheap cell phone plans to switch to

Spending more than what is needed is not something anyone enjoys. So, why are most of us stuck with cell phone plans that charge us more than we need for services we might never use? And just because they do have hefty prices does not mean we have to keep paying them. Here are some of the best super-cheap cell phone plans from trusted providers that will help save you money

If you are someone who loves working and sticking with a budget, you would love the within-budget plans that Mint mobile has to offer. The cheapest cell phone plan available on the network costs as little as $15 a month. For those curious, the plan comes with 4GB of data allowance, which is more than enough if you use data for basics only. However, the catch with this plan is that you will have to make a bulk payment for the annual plan to continue with the benefits at such a low price after three months.

If Mint’s $15 dollar a month plan feels expensive to you, you would like to take a look at the best cheap cell phone plan Tello has to offer. You can go down to just $10 a month with a plan that allows you to send across as many texts as you would like. The economic plan will get you even more excited when we tell you that for the first three months, it is going to cost you less than that. This means this super-cheap cell phone plan comes at a meagre price of $7.5 a month for the first six months and then goes up to $10 a month. Although you do get access to unlimited calls and texts, your data usage will be restricted to just 1GB a month.

For people who are mindful about their data consumption but not necessarily cautious, T-Mobile might just be the best and the cheapest cell phone plan they can avail. At the price of just $15 a month, users can avail themselves of a data bank of 2.5 GB with unlimited calls and texts. However, if you wish for a bigger data limit, upgrade to 5.5 GB by shelling out $25 a month. The service providers do claim that they add another 500 MB of data to your account annually for 5 years. But, unlike other best cheap cell phone plan providers, it won’t just slow down your data speed once you’ve used up your data.