4 gutter guards that need little maintenance

4 gutter guards that need little maintenance

We love rain, provided we’re at home with a warm cup of coffee and having absolutely nothing to do. But rain can also bring with it a couple of added chores, such as cleaning the backyard, installing a rain-proof roof, updating your rain gutter leaf guard, and taking care of the patio furniture.

A gutter guard helps avoid issues of water clogging in basements, leakage through the walls, and moisture that can ruin wall paint. This article will help you buy a rain gutter guard that suits your needs.

Reverse curve gutter guard
This rain gutter leaf guard keeps the water and debris from accumulating on the roof and directs them both down. The gutter guard pretty much eliminates the need to climb up a ladder and clean the rooftop.

Perforated metal guard
This is another durable option, but it requires a solid installation. A perforated metal guard keeps large twigs, leaves, and debris out of the way, preventing rainwater from accumulating on the roof. This reduces the frequency of getting it cleaned by professionals.

Mesh screen
If your goal is to keep the smallest of twigs and debris out of the gutter, then mesh screens on roof gutters should be your go-to. The debris that gets accumulated on top of the mesh can be easily scraped off. Although this will not reduce the frequency of cleaning it, it will make the job itself much easier.

Foam gutter guard
While this is a cheaper option, it may lack durability. The foam, cut in the size of your rain gutter leaf guard, is directly placed into the gutter. It helps soak up excess water and keeps debris away. However, in just a short time, the foam may harden and you may have to get a new one. So you can go for a foam gutter guard if you are looking for a temporary fix.

If durability is what you’re looking for, then the reverse curve guard should be your pick. The installation is robust, and the equipment is made to last.