4 Key Features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Series

4 Key Features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Series

Samsung came up with its first foldable smartphones in 2019, causing a stir in the market. Since then, the brand has continued to improve upon the foldable technology as well as the phone performance. The latest in the series, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, is a great example of such upgrades. So, if one is considering investing in a folding smartphone, here is all they should know about the Galaxy Z Fold series:

The Galaxy Z phones come with a hinge and ultra-flexible Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, which is what makes the foldable design possible without the risk of breaking or shattering the screen. The Z series consists of two different styles—the Fold and the Flip. Here, the Galaxy Z Fold series comprises large, horizontally foldable phones that can switch between tablet and phone modes. Here is a look at the features of the latest models:

Key features
1. Design
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 comes with a 6.2-inch cover screen, which, when unfolded, turns into a 7.6-inch screen. The tablet-like screen size enhances the viewing experience for users, especially while gaming or watching something. Users can also go hands-free with the device by setting it up at an angle when somewhat unfolded. The Galaxy Z Fold5 also comes with a 7.6-inch main display. The cover screen offers a wide aspect ratio for better visibility; however, the keys are within the thumb’s reach, making both models easy to use with just one hand when folded. Previous generation models were bulkier to accommodate the large screen, but the latest Z Fold phones address this issue by making the body thinner and lighter to fit easily in pockets. The phones come in gray-green, phantom black, and beige colors. However, Samsung is also offering burgundy as an exclusive color on its website. Finally, the body is reinforced with a tough aluminum frame, which Samsung has named Armor Aluminum to indicate the foldable design is protected from damage.

2. Performance and multitasking abilities
The foldable smartphones come with a dual preview, flex mode, split screen of up to 3 apps, S Pen compatibility, dynamic AMOLED 2X display, Dolby Atmos sound, 120Hz refresh rate, and IPX8 water resistance to enhance performance. Additionally, multitasking is a key feature to consider in the Galaxy Z Fold phones. It is facilitated through a feature called App Pair, which allows launching up to three apps with a tap, all sharing one screen. Users can also make the most of the taskbar onto which they can place their favorite or most frequently used apps and enjoy easy access. Further, users get crisp, vibrant visuals and clean sound on the Z Fold phones, making them ideal for all entertainment needs. The screen size also makes it easy to read on the phone, whether it is documents or e-books.

3. Camera
The latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phones are equipped with five cameras, including the 50 MP main camera, 12 MP ultra-wide, and a rear 10 MP telephoto lens. Additionally, users can enjoy an interruption-free display with a 4MP under-display camera. The 5 cameras make photography and videography professional and cinematic. Further, the Flex mode allows for hands-free photography, making the smartphones great for selfies.

4. Pricing
The 512GB Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is available for just $1,119 on the Samsung website if one chooses AT&T and Verizon carrier deals. The price can vary based on the storage capacity, the seller, and the carrier one chooses. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5’s 256GB variant costs $1,799 512GB model costs $1,919, and the 1TB model costs $2,159. However, one can get discounts if they grab carrier deals at checkout. Also, during the shopping season, many retailers and smartphone brands come up with exclusive offers that make high-end phones like Z Fold affordable.

The latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phones come with minor differences, with the Fold5 being slightly lighter, thinner, and faster than its predecessor. However, both models are worth considering if one is looking for a reliable, foldable phone. To make an informed decision regarding the best model and deal, one should explore the phone in person and consider personal requirements and budget while shopping.