4 tips to make the most out of expired coupons

4 tips to make the most out of expired coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money while shopping. But they come with an expiry date. If you’re thinking that expired coupons are useless, think again. Some shops may not accept these coupons. However, a few easy steps can help you use them to the fullest. While it is always advised to be careful of the expiration date, there are times when you may miss it. That’s when these tips might be helpful.

Don’t tear them up
It’s best to not tear up the coupon with the expiration date. Additionally, do not try to hide the “best by” date to get around the rules. If you happen to do so, most stores will definitely know there is something wrong and immediately reject the coupon, even if there was a way for you to use it. Be honest about the expiration date and check with the store if the coupon can still be useful.

Ask for a grace period
It is quite possible that the coupon’s manufacturer put in a grace period for the coupon, which will mostly be mentioned in the fine print at the bottom. If you are unable to find any information about that on the coupon, you can search the manufacturer’s website. You can check if they allow a grace period of a few days. That way you can still purchase some items and make the most of your savings.

Check store policy
A lot of times, various stores allow a grace period of a couple of days. They allow customers to use the coupon even after a few days beyond the expiration date. This helps the brand in building a trusted relationship with their customers, improving consumer loyalty.

Some stores that have been known to accept expired coupons include Bed Bath & Beyond®, Michaels, Staples®, PetSmart®, to name a few. You can check with other stores near you if they have the same policy. However, you should ensure that coupons are the store coupons and not the manufacturer’s. This is because although the store may be lenient, the manufacturer may have disabled the coupon code. Make sure to call before running store to store to confirm this information.

Coupon exchange
While some stores are fine with expired coupons, many others are not. You can speak to the manager or the cashier to ask if they have new coupons that can be exchanged for old ones. Although this sounds counterproductive, stores usually allow this exchange when similar deals are repeated in a different month. That way, they just take the old coupon from the customer and issue them a new, updated one that does not expire for a couple of days or weeks.

You can also help others by giving away expired coupons. Sending them to military bases around the world can be highly beneficial. This can be done through various programs online. The troops and their families can use the coupons for six months after the expiry date. This way you are not throwing away your expired coupons and helping a family save money.


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