5 common mistakes rookie truckers must avoid

5 common mistakes rookie truckers must avoid

Starting a new job is exciting, especially one that allows you to travel countrywide. But you should not take a trucking job lightly. People rely on truckers to transport freight, including daily essentials, from food and clothing to appliances, toys, equipment, and more. So, the job requires immense focus and dedication. Many rookies make avoidable mistakes in their first few months on the job, which affects them and those around.

Driving too fast
Given the weight allowance (20,000 pounds per single axle/34,000 pounds per tandem axle), the wheels will be under pressure. Driving a loaded truck too fast can result in loss of control and subsequent overturning or an accident. A mishap will slow you down more than driving slow will. It is especially imperative to exercise caution when going downhill since downshifting and slowing down may be trickier.

Ignoring safety practices
Exceeding mandated weight limits, ignoring standard highway rules, and improper vehicle maintenance are common safety violations by truck drivers. These can put not only your life at risk but also the lives of others around you. Safety consciousness is essential, and it is best to develop this quality early. There are many ways in which you can exercise caution. As a beginner, remember to check the weather and road conditions, be aware of your surroundings (especially when backing up), be extra cautious at night, adhere to the weight limits, and do not skip truck inspections.

Not asking for help
Asking seasoned drivers for help and advice can help you grow in your career. Trucking can be physically and mentally stressful, so speak to the right people to prepare yourself for the future. Develop professional relationships with your fellow drivers, dispatchers, as well as mechanics to adjust to truck life.

Neglecting your health
Overexerting on the job can take a toll on your health, so get enough rest. And do not forget to eat healthy foods. Lifestyle ailments are prevalent among long-haul truckers due to their reliance on truck-stop fast food. Plan your journey so you can purchase wholesome foods from grocery stores and reserve time for simple exercises.

Being unorganized
Trucking involves performing various record-keeping tasks. You must organize trip reports, expense receipts, and maintenance and repair records. Being unorganized can result in incorrect pay statements, warranty issues with equipment, or difficulty filing taxes. Rookie truck drivers should familiarize themselves with their company’s record-keeping system to avoid these problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there software to make the trucking journey easier?
Yes, truck drivers can use software services like Locate2U, Digiparc, Tookan, Motive, Route4Me, and others to manage various aspects of driving better.

What are fuel cards?
Fuel cards like those offered by Chevron and EFS LLC allow truck business owners to manage fuel expenses and offer fuel discounts to truckers to save money.

Is KeepTruckin still active?
KeepTruckin ELD (Electronic Logging Device) has now become Motive. The platform allows drivers to track, deliver, edit, and deliver their driving hours via their phones.

Which are the top truck transport/freight services in the country?
The five largest trucking transport companies in the country are UPS Inc., FedEx Corp, XPO Logistics, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, and Knight-Swift Transport Services. The companies offer freight services and logistics solutions.

Where can I sell a semi-truck?
You can sell a used semi-truck on websites like,,, or Apps like CommercialTruckTrader also provide access to commercial buyers to sell new and used vehicles.