5 tricks to save big on a new phone

5 tricks to save big on a new phone

We’re constantly looking to upgrade the tech we have. Most people fancy using multiple gadgets and like to upgrade their phones often. Regardless of the reason, if you’re on the lookout for a new phone, some research can help you get a great deal. Plus, it’s no news that phone prices keep fluctuating depending on the time of the year. This article compiles some tips that may help you grab the best deals available.

Trade-in your current phone
This could knock off some dollars on the new phone, and it’s the oldest trick people use to get a reasonable price on a new device. But while doing this, one must have their phone in good condition. Trade-in sites offer a better price than any retailer or carrier, but this process could take a while to get your cash in for the current phone.

Look for discounts
There are many types of discounts prompted by retailers and carriers, and studying those before making a purchase can make all the difference to the final price. Some of the common types of discounts you need to look out for include autopay discounts and non-advertised discounts, and one way to get heavy discounts is to upgrade your plan.

Switch carriers
This is the best way to save big on a new phone and acquire the best deal possible. If you’re already considering switching your current carrier, do it at the time of the release of the phone you have your eye on. Carriers lure their customers with the best deals during this period, and you must make the most of it.

Time is key
A hasty purchase never gets you a good deal, be it a phone or any other gadget. And with the price fluctuations, one must time their phone purchase well enough to get the best deal possible. Study the market for price drops way before you plan to buy a phone as the market shows a peculiar trend, which is highly influenced by seasons. Compare prices with other retailers, trade-in sites, and brands for specific features.

Consider the previous year’s flagship model
You could get all the features and specs in a flagship model from the previous year and save some big bucks. Instead of opting for a mid-range phone in the current market, one can opt for a flagship phone with better specs and performance at the same price as a mid-range phone.