6 clothes that may affect one’s health

6 clothes that may affect one’s health

People enjoy wearing outfits that they come across on social media. It can be quite enjoyable to anticipate upcoming fashion trends. But there might be occasions when you might notice rashes on your skin without any underlying cause. And this could be due to the damaging effects on your well-being due to certain outfits in your wardrobe. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of these six clothes that could harm your health.

Skinny jeans
Despite their fashion appeal, skinny jeans may compress nerves in the groin and legs, reducing blood flow to the lower legs. The phenomenon could lead to muscle damage, numbness, and swelling. The tight clothing may also damage the skin barrier that protects you from infections. Therefore, you should reduce the time spent in skinny jeans or switch to more comfortable options.

Control-top tights
Restrictive shapewear like stockings and spandex may lead to pressing against your body. It could result in excessively pushing against your organs, resulting in stomach pain and acid reflux. While you could still wear control-top tights, save them for special occasions and reduce the time you spend wearing them.

The clothing items are usually much closer to the body and rub against the skin. Therefore, leggings could pick up sweat and oil in this process, and repeated use without washing could lead to fungal infections like scaly skin patches and ringworm. So it is important to wash them regularly to keep them free from germs.

Bathing suits
Bacteria and yeast tend to develop in bathing suits due to their synthetic fabric, which can trap moisture and increase the possibility of infections. If you need to wear a bathing suit, change into dry bottoms as soon as you finish the swim.

Colored underwear
Fabric dye irritates the skin around the male and female genitalia. And people with sensitive skin who wear colored underwear may develop infections around these regions. As an alternative, one should switch to white cotton options to prevent the risk of infections.

Pants with a rivet button clasp
Jeans or any other clothing options with a rivet button clasp may harm one’s health because the hardware may contain nickel – a common skin irritant. The rivet button clasp may trigger a rash below the belly button. As a workaround, paint the rivet with clear nail polish or iron, which could help create a barrier between the metal and the skin.

In addition to clothes, certain types of shoes may also cause discomfort, leading to health issues. For example, running shoes that do not give proper arch support may cause problems in the back, knee, and hip with prolonged wear. Therefore, it is important to choose shoes that not only provide comfort but also support. HOKA Clifton running shoes are a great example of crossover shoes that offer both comfort and bounce while running or walking. Wearing such shoes can help prevent several health complications.

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