6 effective tips to get relief from nasal congestion

6 effective tips to get relief from nasal congestion

Nasal congestion is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of the common cold and flu. It refers to clogged nasal passages due to allergic reactions or bacterial infections. Even though there are several clinical treatment options to heal nasal congestion, you’re in luck if you’re looking to seek relief without necessarily opting for clinical treatment. Below are a few simple yet effective tips that can quickly clear up your nasal passages:

Treatment option
While home remedies help relieve nasal congestion, it is crucial to be aware of clinical options to manage the same. Allegra® is one such option. It is a form of antihistamine available in 60mg- and 180mg-tablets. Allegra® provides relief from nasal congestion due to outdoor (including pollen) and indoor allergens. It is made from a non-drowsy formula, making it safe for children.

Foods to eat and avoid
Chamomile and peppermint tea are highly recommended when suffering from nasal congestion. Ginger is another option, as it can relieve inflammation in the sinuses. It’s also crucial to avoid foods and beverages that aggravate nasal congestion, such as fried foods and milk, by increasing mucus accumulation, worsening the condition.

Dry air is one of the critical causes of nasal congestion. So, to avoid this, make sure the surrounding air is humid. Adding a humidifier to your living space can help soothe nasal congestion.

Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated is one of the finest ways to relieve a stuffy nose. It helps thin the mucus in the nasal and bronchial passages, which allows the mucus to get released quickly, providing relief from nasal congestion.

Warm compress
Compresses, hot or cold, have been proven effective against a congested nose. You can choose one or alternate between the two with a 5-10-minute gap. Applying a warm compress around your eyes, cheeks, and forehead can relieve pain and drain the nasal passages.

Saltwater gargles
Saltwater gargles have also proven beneficial in helping to keep stuffy noses at bay. Combining salt and warm water can ease the inflammation around the throat tissues. Additionally, the gargling action moves the mucus, eliminating it with ease, thus relieving nasal congestion.

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