6 unhealthy habits that make mattresses dirty

6 unhealthy habits that make mattresses dirty

We spend at least a third of the day in our beds. And that’s just for getting some rest or for sleeping. Factor in a few more hours of the day if you’re binging on TV or scrolling through social media. While everyone’s bedtime routine looks different, one thing remains constant – no one likes the feeling of a dirty bed or mattress. Here are six habits that could be making your mattress dirty:

Eating in bed
While the idea of curling up in bed with snacks is comforting, eating in bed can leave behind crumbs and spills which attract bugs. Hence, it is best to avoid eating in bed and preserve it as a sanctum of comfort and sleep.

Putting the day’s bags on the bed
Your bag has seen all your day’s adventures, collecting dust and germs on the way. Putting it on the bed can transfer these impurities onto your bed, making it dirty, and grimy, and therefore impacting health and sleep quality.

Getting into bed as soon as you get home
Just like your bag, your outfit has also been in contact with outside bacteria. Getting into bed with the same clothes can transfer these bacteria onto your bed.

Working in bed
Even with pandemic restrictions reaching their natural end, many of us continue to work from our beds at home. Not only can this prove counterproductive, but also unhygienic, as it doubles the number of germs in our beds.

Not cleaning up pet dander
According to a study, one of the most common allergens found on beds is pet dander, including fur and bacteria. To avoid this, bathe your pets twice a week, and clean their paws before allowing them into bed.

Not washing your sheets often
Our beds have a lot of dry skin cell deposits on them. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. To remedy this, wash your sheets at least once a week. Mattresses with removable, washable covers such as the Tempur Pedic Elite Cloud or the Layla Sleep collection, can help too.

Many of these activities can also mess with memory foam technology. Look for quality memory foam or hybrid smart ortho mattresses offered by WinkBed, Saatva, Sleep Number, Casper, MattressFirm, Cocoon, or Dreamcloud. And for people who love to live on road, check out Wilderness Mattresses for luxury RV mattresses that feel as good as home.