7 easy ways to make sports clothing fashionable

7 easy ways to make sports clothing fashionable

While sportswear must be comfortable and functional, it shouldn’t be boring. With a wide range of clothing available for all kinds of sports today, you can easily find something that complements your body and enhances your style. Being fashionable doesn’t have to be costly either! You can look stylish even with simple sports outfits, whether hitting the gym, playing games, or running errands. Here are some ideas to instantly up your sports wardrobe.

Mix and match
A simple tip to look fashionable in sportswear is to experiment. For example, pair a sports high ball bra with baggy sweatpants, or throw on a cotton jersey with solid colors onto a pair of shorts. You never know what works. A half-zip crop top with a hoodie and joggers can also be considered. If you want a sporty look but won’t be indulging in high-intensity physical activity, just tuck in a jersey in denim jeans or shorts.

Wear sports-friendly accessories, like sunglasses, a cap, a smartwatch, a sweatband, a headband, or UV-protection arm sleeves. Apart from being incredibly useful, these items can add to your overall sports fashion look. Wrapping an oversized button-down jersey over shorts around your waist can make an eye-catchy statement!

If mix-and-match isn’t your thing, a completely coordinated outfit can also attract attention. Look for matching sets in popular prints like animal, floral, and plaid, as well as monochromatic colors that are neat and classy.

Bomber jackets
These casual jackets, originally designed for pilots, are back in fashion and can add a statement to your sportswear. Bomber jackets come in various styles, with a front zip closure and a ribbed cuff.

Running vests
Those who go hiking, jogging, or running can invest in a stylish running vest. These clothing pieces come in two forms: a weighted vest that promotes even weight distribution and enhances agility and a hydration vest that provides storage space for a water bottle.

Add colors
You can instantly change your look by going for bold or vibrant colors and matching them with prints, patterns, and designs that compliment your personality.

Footwear can make or break a look. You can invest in classic white sneakers or ankle boots for the perfect street-style aesthetics.