7 Ways to Elevate the Google Pixel User Experience

7 Ways to Elevate the Google Pixel User Experience

The Google Pixel is loaded to the brim with exciting features. Using these features will not only save time for users but also, in many cases, prolong battery life. As a result, one can genuinely customize their Pixel devices in multiple ways to make their experience with them even better than it already is. However, not all users may know the Pixel’s qualities and capabilities. Therefore, here are some hacks to be familiar with:

Automatically screening incoming calls
Receiving unknown calls can be tricky, especially from a new number. To combat this, Pixel phones have a Call Screen feature to eliminate the feeling. This feature lets the phone answer calls for users. Users can see the real-time conversation between the caller and Google Assistant when they activate this in the settings. Additionally, users can completely screen calls to let it happen automatically. Using these features, one can screen or silently decline spam calls without being notified.

Creating app-specific shortcuts
Multiple apps in the Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7 Pro, Google Pixel 8, Google Pixel 8 Pro, Google Pixel Fold, and older variants have apps with quick-access functions to let users open them with a brief press-and-hold on the icon of the app. For instance, one can click the camera icon and find shortcuts to take selfies or videos. These shortcuts are time-saving and, more importantly, battery-saving exercises.

Using AI to create eye-catching wallpapers
AI is a massive part of all the latest Pixel models. The cameras and pictures especially feature a healthy dose of machine learning and other tools to create visual magic for users. For example, users can customize their Pixel’s wallpapers in many ways to alter their phone’s overall aesthetic per their requirements.
A Cinematic Wallpaper option (available in the Pixel 6 and newer models) uses machine learning to take users’ photos and collages and make wallpapers. The wallpapers are also given extensive 3D treatment to make them immersive. Users can tilt their phones to make their wallpapers come alive beautifully.
The Cinematic Wallpaper makes one’s Google Pixel phone a fantastic thing to look at at any given time.

Using NightLight to protect eyes during night usage
Night-time usage of phones tends to affect users’ eyes. One may have heard about the dangerous blue light emanating from phones, TV, and laptop screens. This light can cause eye issues and insomnia in the long term. To avoid that, users can activate NightLight, which turns the screen slightly amber-tinged when the surrounding lighting is low. The amber shade is easier for the eyes to process in dark surroundings. Using it enables users to find quality sleep at night without getting glued to their phones. The best part is that it can automatically switch on during the night and off in the early morning. So, it is one of the best health-based features on Google Pixel phones, and it will truly enrich the user experience of Pixel buyers.

Changing someone’s expression in a photo
AI’s rampant rise in art and visual manipulation manifests itself in the latest Pixel models. The phone’s camera comes with a “Best Take” feature, which allows users to capture multiple pictures in nanoseconds and later edit each person’s expressions in each picture. So, for instance, if users need a photo of someone looking at the camera and beaming simultaneously while they click, they can use this feature to adjust (post-capturing) the faces and expressions until they find the best permutations and combinations. Best Take is a breathtaking feature and AI-based capability in the latest Pixel models.

Adding real-time captions to videos using Live Caption
AI not only pervades pictures but also videos in the latest Pixel models. Often, when users watch a video in another language without subtitles, they find it hard to understand what is being said. To counter this, users can activate Live Caption, a dynamic element that creates real-time captions with startling accuracy while viewing a video.

Activating gesture navigation
The latest Pixel models enable users to activate real-time gesture navigation. Using gestures, users will not even have to touch their devices to get to specific menus, submenus, or apps. This is a helpful feature when one’s hands are unclean and must be used without touching the user interface. Users can simply go to settings to activate gesture navigation and launch the feature. One can also check out the pre-fitted gestures and customize the Pixel phones to their liking in some later models.