Everything to know about the new Disney+ bundles and gift cards

Everything to know about the new Disney+ bundles and gift cards

Who doesn’t like to sit back and catch a Disney movie once in a while? New deals by Disney+, in association with Hulu and ESPN+, are the rage this season, as they are affordable and attractive. This collaboration brings together the best of all worlds to keep the family entertained. Here are some of the most recent deals and offers customers can get to access the content they love for a fraction of the price:

Disney+, Hulu, ESPN Plus Bundle
At $13.99 per month, this is one of the best deals on streaming services in the industry at present. Customers get access to quality family-friendly content on Disney+, adult dramas on Hulu, and a dose of sports from ESPN Plus. This bundle helps you save $7 per month (or $84 a year) compared to purchasing these services individually. Since Disney+ does not offer free 30-day trials anymore, this bundle is the next best option for people looking to invest their money in OTT platforms wisely.

Disney+, Hulu (no ads), ESPN Plus Bundle
Like the previous bundle, this one is a fun combination of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, but it helps you get rid of those time-consuming ads on Hulu. Priced at $19.99 per month, this is an excellent choice for people who want to get rid of those pesky ads and optimize their content viewing experience. If you are unsure about getting this bundle right away, it is possible to upgrade to this package later if you get the cheaper option first.

Disney+ (1-year bundle)
If the Hulu and ESPN Plus subscriptions do not interest you, then Disney has you covered with their 1-year bundle. It will be available at a 15% discount (in comparison to paying monthly). At just $79.99, you can get access to 12 months of Disney+ for the price of 10.

Disney+ and the gift card
The Disney+ gift card, worth $79.99, buys your loved ones a year’s subscription at a discount. The company also allows digital delivery of the gift card, so it can be scheduled to arrive in time for any special occasion or an upcoming holiday.

Bottom line
If you’d like to opt-out of bundle plans and go for a monthly membership that you can cancel at any time, the Disney+ subscription is priced at $7.99. If you’ve been giving a thought of buying the membership, this is the perfect time to engulf yourself in the world of Disney’s magical wonderland. Besides, with all its classics and throwback titles, Disney is bound to capture your senses with childhood nostalgia. But wait, it doesn’t end here; Disney’s new originals such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, She-Hulk, and the sequel to Hocus Pocus have been creating a buzz in the entertainment world, alongside award-winning documentaries from National Geographic.