Top 10 air conditioners to explore during Black Friday 2023

Top 10 air conditioners to explore during Black Friday 2023

Each year, shoppers wait eagerly for the Black Friday sale to go live. During the busiest sale during the day after Thanksgiving, one could find various deals and discounts on large home appliances, such as air conditioning systems. While there are no Black Friday deals out yet, here are some top products to consider. One can keep an eye on these air conditioners from top brands and look for discounts during Black Friday 2023.

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS portable air conditioner
The product has a manufacturer price of $600. While it saw a discount of about $30 last year, one could check for deals on the appliance during Black Friday 2023.

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 portable air conditioner
The product has a manufacturer price tag of $600. Last year, it was available for a $100 price drop and one could keep an eye on this product during the upcoming Black Friday sale. It is ideal for cooling up to 500 square feet of space.

Windmill 8,000 BTU AC
This window air conditioner is easy to install, efficient, and quiet. It comes with a $340 price tag. The previous year’s sale saw a price cut of about $20, and one can explore if there are deals available on this AC unit during Black Friday 2023.

LG 11,800 BTU through-the-wall AC
The LG through-the-wall air conditioner is priced at $599. It comes with features like 4-way air deflection system. One could explore the product through Black Friday 2023 for potential deals.

Keystone 200 sq. ft portable AC with dehumidifier
Those who want an AC with a dehumidifier should consider this $320 home appliance from Keystone that can cover up to 200 sq. ft. The all-in-one AC unit features cooling, dehumidification, and fan circulation.

BLACK+DECKER 6,000 BTU window AC
The 6,000 BTU air conditioner from Black+Decker with remote control is priced at a $330. The energy-efficient AC is a must-have, especially if there is a price drop during Black Friday 2023.

Midea 12,000 BTU U-Shaped window AC
With a manufacturer price of about $500, one could track the Midea smart inverter window AC for a price drop for its ultra-quiet nature and strong airflow up to 20 feet.

GE 5,000 BTU mechanical window air conditioner
At $190, this is an affordable window air conditioner from GE. It is ideal for small rooms and comes with an adjustable thermostat.

DELLA 6,000 BTU window air conditioner
One could cool up to 250 sq. ft. of space with this air conditioner from DELLA. One could check if there is a discount on its $200 manufacturer price during the 2023 Black Friday sale.


NewAir portable air conditioner and heater
One can cool and heat their home space with this portable appliance from NewAir. Shoppers could keep an eye on this product during Black Friday and check if there are deals on its $630 manufacturer tag.

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