4 best RVs for the perfect road trip

4 best RVs for the perfect road trip

If a road trip is on your list of things to do, we’re here to help you check that off with the right recreation vehicle (RV). RVs, sometimes called campers, are motor vehicles that have amenities similar to a home. There are so many options available that it can be hounding to pick the right one. To help you, here are the top four RVs in the market for your camping needs.

Flying Cloud 30FB by Airstream
Airstream is one of the most spacious, luxurious, and towable RV brands out there. It’s among the pioneers in the industry that offer travel trailers for interstate traveling. Some of their iconic offerings include the Globetrotter, Classic, Tony Bahama, and the Flying Cloud. The Flying Cloud 30FB is a real blessing for workaholics who can’t catch a break and need to access their office corner while traveling. The 30-foot RV camper comes with a classic aluminum design, fantastic craftsmanship, and a bucket load of amenities. The main bedrooms are spacious and relaxing to help you unwind from a hard day of travel and fun.

Micro Minnie by Winnebago Industries
If you’re looking for a lightweight travel trailer for a road trip with your family, Winnebago Industries’ Micro Minnie might be your true find. The company is known for three popular models: Minnie Plus, Minnie Drop, and Micro Minnie. The Micro Minnie is a sought-after option that comes with the adjustable Murphy bed, giving you more moving space. You also get a double-door fridge, stovetop, and microwave for a comfortable cooking experience, along with storage space above the kitchen unit and beneath the sink. Winnebago Industries is known for making campers in the below-5000-lbs range, and this RV camper comes equipped with a separate shower and toilet.

Imagine by Grand Design
Grand Design is another top RV dealer in the market, with three varieties: Transcend, Imagine, and Reflection. The brand is known for its quality products and attention given to the tiniest of details. The Grand Design Imagine weighs less than 5000 lbs and is excellent if you’re worried about water storage while on the road. The RV camper has three water tanks in the trailer with different capacities. The kitchen comes packed with an oven, a three-burner stovetop, and more. It’s perfect for a group of three and allows for a spacious vacation without seeming crowded.

Traveler by Happier Camper
Happier Camper is another company known for its quality travel trailers. The Traveler’s fiberglass exterior and modular interiors are popular among most camping enthusiasts. Even though they aren’t the pioneers in the field, the brand has worked hard and deserves a spot on the list of top RV campers in the country. The exterior of the Traveler gives you authentic vintage vibes, while the interiors are designed keeping in mind your needs and comforts. The 17-foot-longer vehicle has enough storage and is sturdy for a good ride across the country.