Top 5 jacket styles trending in 2021

Top 5 jacket styles trending in 2021

As we prepare for the fall and winter, it’s time to bring out the jackets from your wardrobe. Whether you’re trying to bundle up before stepping out or if your outfit just needs that extra layer to be perfect, jackets are there to complete the look. The year 2021 has seen some beautiful collections hit the market, and we’re here to guide you through the jacket styles that are trending the most. Here are five types that your wardrobe needs to have this year.

Shearling jackets
Fuzzy coats can be quite fun to wear from time to time, but they’re a bit much for casual occasions. And shearling jackets have been the ideal substitute for such outfits since they pair well with almost everything. This style has been gaining immense popularity in the past few seasons, and you can find a wide variety of details and designs according to your preferences. The most common and versatile style is a denim jacket with white fuzzy lining.

If the weather is too warm to bring out your thick jackets, now is the perfect opportunity to experiment with the shacket. This style is a jacket made with thin, shirt-like material that is light in weight and comfortable to wear. Shackets can be layered in different styles and methods depending on the outfit and the aesthetic that you are aiming to achieve. Although plaid jackets are classic in this style of outerwear, you can also opt for bold, solid colors that stand out in the perfect way.

Although traditional blazers are now nearing out of style, you can definitely try new designs and shapes of blazers that are making their way to the latest trends. These jackets can be paired with solid colors as well as bold and exciting prints to help you create the perfect look. For a more professional look, try pairing darker, earthy tones in your blazer with pastel-colored or neutral blouses or T-shirts.

Quilted jackets
If you’re someone who can never part from their favorite puffer jacket for the winter, you should definitely try out its reimagined alter ego—the quilted jacket. These jackets are extremely lightweight as compared to their predecessors and are equally capable of adding a strong and utilitarian element to your outfit. Quilted jackets go well with solid colors, but you can also try and find different checkerboard designs or loud prints on these quilted or puffer jackets to have more statement pieces in your wardrobe.

Belted jackets
One go-to way of making an outfit appear more flattering is adding a belt to the mix. Belted jackets are making several appearances in the year 2021 and we are in love! You can also make it work with your everyday jackets and outerwear. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a bomber jacket or a blazer, you can accentuate your look by simply adding the appropriate belt to the mix.