Top 5 reliable period tracking apps

Top 5 reliable period tracking apps

Everything we need to do today can be done better and easier with the help of an app. There is a special application for every single thing. Therefore, there is no lack of useful software that makes tracking period and fertility cycles a cakewalk. These apps can provide you with valuable insights about your cycles and fertility periods. Either way, all of these apps can make keeping better track and judging peak fertility periods more convenient.

Clue is a free cycle-tracking application that records multiple data points, including emotions, skin and hair condition, pain, and sexual activity. The algorithm can predict your period cycle based on previously recorded data and can help in fertility tracking by recording cervical fluid status, mood, and more.

Flo is one of the most preferred cycle-tracking applications available for use. It comes with a thorough tracking log and provides users with better knowledge that provides insights into their health. The app has a free version and in-app purchases or annual subscriptions for users that want unhindered access to features. It helps document regular symptoms, basal metabolic temperature, and other records, making symptom tracking easier for people with irregular cycles.

Glow is a cycle-tracking app that can come in handy for people actively trying to conceive. The app has some free features and allows members to choose either an annual subscription or a lifetime membership. The paid versions come with charts, trackers, guided meditation, and more. The app also has trackers and health indicator recording that can help determine issues that might make conceiving difficult. Couples that use Glow can even synchronize their data and have a complete picture of their fertile cycles and the problems, if any, that are causing any hindrances.

Like most other useful cycle tracker applications, Kindara allows a person to record cycles and symptoms. It also has sections that let you record your cervical fluid consistency, basal body temperature, sleep, and mood changes throughout the cycle. It makes tracking hormonal changes easier and is free to use by anyone.

With Ovia, you can access key fertility features and health indicators. It also helps track your sleeping and eating habits which can help better predict ovulation cycles. Its fertility tracking options claim to help users get pregnant thrice as quickly as others. The algorithm is based on data collected from hundreds of thousands of women making its predictions and results more accurate.