Top 7 vacuum cleaner brands

Top 7 vacuum cleaner brands

If you have a dog, love deep cleaning, or simply need a vacuum, you must be scouring the Internet to get your hands on just the right vacuum cleaner. However, since there are many options, we have curated the best brands of vacuums. From basic vacuums to ones with a plethora of features, here are the top brand name vacuums.

Dyson has one of the highest-ranking vacuums right now in the market worldwide. This UK-based manufacturer never seizes to impress. You can get a wide range of vacuums that are efficient and super-stylish. If you want a vacuum that’s sleek and effective, then Dyson vacuums are worth a try, as they look stylish and are highly durable. Dyson makes lightweight vacuums, so vacuuming the house never feels like a task.

iRobot, founded by MIT, is one of the top brand name vacuums. Not many may be aware, but the first robot vacuum from iRobot (called Roomba) dates back to 2002. With this brand, you are not limited to a few models, so you can choose what fits you the best. iRobot’s vacuums have brilliant battery life, so if you wish to buy a robot vacuum, get it from the iRobot. You won’t regret it.

This German brand makes loads of home appliances, and it is one of the best vacuums manufacturers, too. Miele is great for those who prefer canister vacuums. However, the brand also has handheld and robot vacuums. Miele vacuums look luxurious and aren’t high maintenance. Plus, you can choose models with a dirtbag option and ones without a bag.

Bissell, one of the top brand name vacuums, is for those who don’t want to splurge on their vacuums. If you are looking for easily portable vacuum cleaners, you should try Bissell. All their vacuums come in plastic material, which makes them easy to store. If you have pets, vacuum cleaners from Bissell can prove to be great for you and your family.

This company allows you to choose from a wide range of vacuum cleaners and is amongst the top brand name vacuums. Shark has a wide range of vacuum cleaners; you can find the high-end options and those that are budget-friendly as well. Shark vacuum cleaners are easy to maintain, and some of the models even help detangle pet hair when you clean.

Don’t underestimate this brand just because it is not as known as the others on the list. Since Roborock only focuses on robot vacuum cleaners, you can rest assured that these vacuums have an impressive ability to maneuver. Plus, if you have children, this can be beneficial as it can easily clean areas under chairs. Roborock vacuum cleaners have a robust build, and their performance is fantastic.

LG’s robot vacuum cleaners come with multiple cleaning modes to get rid of the tiniest particles. They feature an ultra-sonic sensor, cameras, and mop plates that help clean any surface without running into furniture. You can even schedule cleanings while away from home. Moreover, when the LG robot vacuum’s battery is low, the machine goes back to the home station to charge and prepare for the next cleaning session.