4 natural ingredients to get rid of fleas on dogs

4 natural ingredients to get rid of fleas on dogs

If there are two things pet owners do not want to see on their beloved dogs, it’s fleas and ticks. Fleas can be a seasonal or round-the-year problem, depending on where you live. While formal healthcare treatment is the most effective solution to get rid of fleas, many people also resort to kitchen ingredients to fight fleas on dogs. If you’re looking for creative ways to get rid of fleas, try these simple home remedies:

Lemon spray
If you’re looking for a way to get rid of fleas that enter your home, a lemon spray can be effective. Simply boil a slice of lemon in some water, and pour this mix into a spray bottle. Spritz this concoction over your pet’s bedding and toys and other home furnishings and carpets until damp, and let it dry overnight. The acidic pH makes an unwelcome environment for fleas. However, speak to a veterinarian before using this remedy. This is because your dog is likely to lick several surfaces around the home, and ingesting too much lemon can be potentially toxic to dogs.

Rosemary mix
Another common kitchen ingredient that could help get rid of fleas is rosemary. It is essential to make sure that your dog is comfortable with the smell of rosemary before using these techniques. Finely grind rosemary with rue, fennel, wormwood, and peppermint, and sprinkle this mix in small amounts around your home or even directly onto your pet. Alternatively, you can steep a few rosemary leaves in hot water and let them sit for a while. Once it has cooled down, spray the liquid on your dog and work it into its coat. Be sure to check with your veterinarian for any allergies before using these remedies.

Baking soda
Using baking soda can also help you eliminate fleas around your home and on your dog. While baking soda does not directly kill fleas, it can help dry out their eggs and larvae to prevent breeding. Sprinkle this around your home, then brush it well so it seeps through carpet fibers and around dark corners. Leave this for a day or two, and then vacuum carefully.

Diatomaceous Earth
It is made from the fossilized remains of microscopic diatoms and then broken down into a fine silica-based powder. When pests like fleas come in contact with it, it breaks down their exoskeletons, causing them to dry out and die. When buying diatomaceous earth, be sure to look for food-grade options so they are not toxic to you or your pets. Sprinkle it in infested areas such as pet beds, carpets, or even around the lawn, and let it sit for 1-2 days before vacuuming thoroughly. In the process, remember to clean your vacuum bag.

Before trying home remedies to get rid of fleas, please talk to your veterinarian. Their professional input can help guide you better and avoid any unforeseen circumstances, especially pertaining to allergic reactions from your pup.

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